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  • Granite Next - the stationary engraving machine
Granite Next - the stationary engraving machine
  • Granite Next - the stationary engraving machine

Granite Next - the stationary engraving machine

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Parameter Value
Machine model Cube Sprint Next MAX
The processed material Granite, gabbro, basalt, marble, glass, etc.
The maximum sizes of the processed field for one installation 410 mm x 300 mm 620 mm x 400 mm 1010 mm x 500 mm 1400 mm x 700 mm
The maximum amount of the processed preparation
when laying preparation in the machine - 640 mm x 390 mm x 30 mm 840 mm x 490 mm x 30 mm Width is 1200 mm Width is 1630 mm
Length - without restrictions

The cart is required (is not included in the package of delivery).

at installation of the machine on preparation - It is not limited It is not applicable
Productivity Frequency of work of a head - 200 Hz

Time of production of 1 at 100% filling:

density of 101 dpi - 13,5 min.

density of 92 dpi - 11 min.
Density of performance of an engraving Adjusted

from 50,8 dpi to 677,3 dpi

Admissible not planeness of the processed surface no more than 3 mm by 300 mm
Connection interfaces USB, Wi-Fi
Autonomous operating mode It is realized. At start of an engraving the image is completely loaded into the machine and further the operating computer can be switched-off
The postponed start It is realized. The image is loaded on the remote machine (for example on WiFi network) without the beginning of an engraving. Then the operator being at the machine from the Android device sets initial parameters and starts an engraving.
Protection against unexpected shutdown. It is realized. After power supply renewal the machine can continue work from an interruption point.
Operating ON under operating systems
EngravingStudio™ Windows® Vista/7/8/10
Control panel machine Android 4.0.x above
Overall dimensions of the machine
width - 590 mm 687 mm 900 mm 1032 mm
length - 750 mm 947 mm 1300 mm 1710 mm
height - 220 mm 220 mm 740 mm ± 30 mm adjustment 700 mm ± 30 mm adjustment
Mass of the machine 21 kg 28 kg 57 kg 63 kg
Supply voltage 110-240B ±10%, 50÷60Гц
Power consumption no more than 150 VA
Guarantee 1 year

Information is up-to-date: 16.02.2018

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